The AIS-ILIS-X4: The Next Step In AIS Ionic Liquid Electrospray Development

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Working around manufacturing challenges and budgeting, I have come up with a new AIS-ILIS Series electrospray thruster design for use with standard frit glass stock and accommodating up to 4 single spike emitters – the AIS-ILIS-X4

The X4 is the same form factor/size as the ILIS1, however it features 4 individual spikes emitters and seperate reservoir housings. Several fuel discs can be accommodated in the same height, giving slightly more fuel capacity at 1.3 grams. 12uN nominal thrust at still >3500s ISP.

AIS-ILISX Ionic Liquid Electrospray Thruster Cross Sectional View

The test next week will start qualifying the performance of a single spike emitter with the recently Dremel modified ILIS-X1 disc. This will start my transition into higher performance and higher output ILIS arrays, as well as into potential Cubesat attitude control modules.

Finally, for better emission stability control, I will be looking into monopolar operation with CNT neutralizers, as well as beam control via extractor biasing – both of which will have implications for the development of the AIS-FEEP1.