Custom Electric Propulsion Systems

A major core focus at AIS is developing ultra-low cost, modular, and scalable electric propulsion systems, covering a wide range of technologies. A big part of this effort is designing systems to be not only easily manufacturable and integrated onto nanosats and picosats but bearing in mind that there is not one solution for all problems. As such, AIS has complete flexibility in the modification of existing designs or technologies to suit the specific needs of individual satellites. See a propulsion technology or product but want a different form factor, mounting pattern, clustered array, or higher power operation? AIS can provide customized systems for minimal additional cost to existing designs.

  • Custom modifications to existing prototypes and products
  • Custom mounting, board configuration, thruster scaling, clusters, higher power electronics
  • Custom thruster design and development based on new technologies

Electric Propulsion Design Consulting

AIS provides consulting services for advanced electric propulsion systems for nanosatellites, ranging across all types of plasma and ion propulsion. Due to the unique approach taken, AIS can provide unprecedented low-cost development and design to suit a wide variety of needs. AIS has prototyped and developed a number of technologies in house, from solid fueled pulsed thrysters, to micro-Hall thrusters, advanced cathodes, electrospray, and advanced molecular propellants. Because of the design philosophy at AIS, all forms of electric propulsion can be tackled, and AIS welcomes any opportunity to collaborate with other teams in the development of all types of plasma and ion propulsion.

  • Rapid prototyping, design, and testing of micro ion and plasma thrusters for PocketQubes and Cubesats
  • Propulsion system design review
  • Propulsion technology selection
  • Custom electric propulsion solutions
  • Propulsion design consulting

Electric Propulsion Market Research and Analysis Consulting

A significant part of research at AIS is in keeping up with the many new and exciting trends in micro-EP, spanning academic research to new emerging startups and trends in the electric propulsion field. As such, AIS has built up a wealth of resources and information regarding current trends and analysis of technology in the field, and can provide advising and consulting regarding competitor analysis, propulsion technology comparison in the market, market trends in micro-EP, and technology feasibility assessments for investors and developers in the space and satellite fields.

  • Trends in the micro-EP market
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technology advising and consulting for investors
  • Technology feasibility assessment

Vacuum Engineering Consulting

Everything that goes into the development and support of development of EP systems at AIS is done in-house, including the design and assembly of high vacuum pumping infrastructure necessary for EP testing. As such, AIS brings expertise in the field of high vacuum engineering, and also offers a variety of low-cost vacuum system and engineering design and consulting services, from low vacuum to ultra-high vacuum for any industry.

  • General vacuum system design and component selection
  • Vacuum system design review
  • High vacuum and UHV simulation services