First Prototype Assembly of the gPPT3/EPPT1 Hybrid Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster

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Although I’m not actively pursuing PPT development for PQs as primary propulsion besides low-cost demo units now, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped exploring the tech! Decided to revive the old gPPT3 thruster, which has been well tested, and combine it with the improved EPPT1 electronics. Get the best of both worlds!

AIS-gPPT3-X First Prototype Assembly - gPPT3-EPPT1

I know that the gPPT3 thruster head will fire. I know that the EPPT1 electronics has more onboard power and better ignition output. So, why not still develop a super low-cost and simple PPT prototyping platform that can be used as an improved academic and research learning tool?

For this system, I’m not really targeting a deployable main thruster, so much as a general modular platform for experimenting and learning. Instead, a compact, low power, easy to use, and fully self-contained micro-PPT that improves upon the original gPPT3 thruster as a learning, experimental, and demo unit. Testing to come soon!