Second Full System Ignition Test of the AIS-EHT1 Micro End Hall Thruster Scheduled LIVE!

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I am scheduling the 2nd ignition test of the EHT1 Micro End Hall Thruster for tomorrow morning at 9am EST (13:00 UTC). I usually give more notice but I need to know if I actually achieved ignition and beam during the first test. This time I made sure the Faraday cup is connected!

AIS-EHT1 Micro End Hall Thruster 2nd LIVE Full Ignition Test Promotion

I have already modded the system with the spare HV board stack to jumper into the auxiliary board for neutralizer power. Fortunately, all my preliminary tests with Adamantane glow discharge and the first GDN1 test was run with these spare boards, so I know what to expect!

I have also adjusted the Faraday cup so there is no chance of beam hitting the PEEK baseplate this time, and simplified connector wiring a bit. Already pre-pumping tonight, and the boards have already passed bench checks, so I should be able to fire on time tomorrow.

The link for the livestream can be found here, and I will retweet again tomorrow. Hopefully if I can measure beam then I will know the first test was a success and that I am that much closer to realizing this extremely scaled Hall thruster system!