The AIS-VAT2 Vacuum Arc Thruster represents the next generation of high-power electric propulsion developments at AIS, offering high power handling capability in an extremely compact form factor. At operation from only a few watts to an excess of 50W in only 0.5U volume, the VAT2 is sized for use with a wide range of CubeSats, specifically allowing for from smaller to larger sized systems.

Despite being a high-power 50W-class electric propulsion system, the VAT2 still leverages the same design principles as the original VAT1-PQ, allowing for unprecedented cost reduction at this size and power class. At only $10k the VAT2 is more affordable and accessible than any other electric propulsion system in its power class on the market by a significant margin, allowing anyone developing Cubesats to afford high-performance electric propulsion for their missions. The VAT2 can also be easily customizable, not only in fuel selection, which allows a wide combination of thrust and ISP, but can be made in different form factors and custom mounting to allow for easier mechanical integration.

The first V1 prototype has been officially constructed, and has already begun preliminary qualifications, with several successful firing from 4W up to 70W with Titanium fuel. The VAT2 is currently available for pre-order arrangements.


  • Type: High Power Vacuum Arc Thruster
  • Power: 4-70W
  • Thrust: 1000uN (EST.)
  • Shot Lifetime: TBD
  • Total Impulse: TBD
  • ISP: TBD
  • Orbital Movement: TBD
  • Rep Rate: TBD
  • Size: 92x92x50mm
  • Mass: TBD
  • Fuel: Titanium, Bismuth (or any metal based on user needs)
  • Inputs: 12V, GND, Logic Commands
  • PRICE (High Performance): $10,000


AIS-VAT2 Vacuum Arc Thruster


AIS-VAT2 Vacuum Arc Thruster Development Videos

  • Type: 50W Class Vacuum Arc Thruster
  • Thrust: 1000uN (est)
  • ISP: TBD
  • Fuel: Ti, Bi