The AIS-VAT1-QUAD Quad Micro Vacuum Arc Thruster is the third thruster in the AIS-VAT Series, consisting of four parallel AIS-VAT1-PQ Micro Vacuum Arc Thruster modules. The QUAD is sized for use with Cubesats, specifically allowing for integration down to 1U class satellites.

At only 84x82x21mm in volume, and available in either 10W or 20W options (which can operate down to couple watts or less power at low rep rates), with simple triggering and high firing reliability, the QUAD further expands upon the available thrust from the single PQ and double DUO modules, opening the door for any Cubesat team to explore the use of EP with minimal volume and power budget. The QUAD also allows for an extremely low-cost off-the-shelf propulsion system for ground testing for academic, student, and research use. At only $6500.00 in price, the QUAD remains an incredibly low and affordable option for nanosatellite teams, both for orbital use as well as ground testing, qualification, and research.


  • Type: Quad Micro Vacuum Arc Cluster
  • Power: 10W or 20W Options
  • Min Thrust: 16.8uN (2W)
  • Max Thrust: 52uN (10W), 104uN (20W)
  • Shot Lifetime: 40,000
  • Total Impulse: 0.52Ns
  • ISP: 87s
  • Orbital Movement (1kg 1U): 960m
  • Rep Rate: 1-4Hz (2.5W), 1-8Hz (5W)
  • Size: 84x84x21mm
  • Mass: 177g
  • Fuel: Bismuth
  • Inputs: 5V, GND, x2 Logic Pulses
  • PRICE: $6500.00


AIS-VAT1-QUAD Quad Micro Vacuum Arc Thruster Gallery


AIS-VAT1-QUAD Quad Micro Vacuum Arc Thruster Gen 1 Qualification Videos

  • Type: Quad Micro Vacuum Arc Cluster
  • Thrust: 52uN (10W), 104uN (20W)
  • ISP: 87s
  • Fuel: Bismuth