GDN1 Glow Discharge Neutralizer and PFV1 Piezoelectric Fuel Valve Housings Arrived!

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The new 3D printed parts for the upcoming EHT1 Micro End-Hall Thruster build arrived from Xometry! These include the housings for both the GDN1 Glow Discharge Hollow Cathode Neutralizer as well as the PFV1 Piezoelectric Fuel Valve. This is my first time printing with one of their newer ceramic-embedded SLA resin options, Somos PerFORM. I am incredibly happy with the details and tolerances for this resin. Print Quality is amazing, and they look and feel like ceramic as well!

AIS-GDN1 Hollow Cathode Neutralizer and AIS-PFV1 Piezoelectric Fuel Valve 3D Printed Housings

So I keep saying just how tiny the EHT1 Micro End-Hall is. This is a look at the first prototype GDN1 glow-discharge hollow-cathode neutralizer housing. Details came out perfectly, really excited to start firing up some experimental hollow-cathode neutralizer tests!

Now a look at the first prototype PFV1 piezo fuel valve housing. The tolerances again for the Somos PerFORM are spot on. It’s a bit more expensive but with better temp/dielectric strength than Ultem 1010, as well as being fully solid, I’ll be hopefully moving to this for builds!

Finally, the piezo bender for the valve. Unfortunately I learned the hard way and already shattered the $70 bender trying to install it. Not my best moment, but in that moment I realized that it won’t be the thruster that will be hard, it will be the fuel valve. V2 design is already underway though!