First Look at the AIS-PFV1 Piezoelectric Fuel Valve

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After a week of working on a solution for controlled Adamantane fuel delivery, I have come up with the first prototype design – the AIS-PFV1, a compact low-power piezo-actuated fuel valve designed to interface between the Sublimation Fuel Delivery System and the thruster system in use, like the EHT1 Micro End-Hall Thruster.

AIS-PFV1 Piezo Fuel Valve Render

The PFV1 utilizes a 450um displacement 1.5N holding force piezo bender to deliver sublimated Adamantane fuel to the thruster. The valve keeps within the 50mm diameter footprint of the system adding only 7mm extra height to the full assembly with minimal additional cost/components

AIS-PFV1 Piezo Fuel Valve Cross Sectional View

Parts are already on the way for the first prototype, which I will hopefully be able to begin testing after the first ignition test of the EHT1.