First Assembly Check of the Sublimation Fuel Delivery System

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With the parts finally in for the first AIS-SFDS Sublimation Fuel Delivery System build, it’s time to test fit everything together! All the parts for the SFDS are laid out prior to assembly. The entire system itself is a very simple and compact design that can be easily modified for both increased fuel and heater capacity. This particular iteration holds about 3 grams of Adamantane fuel.

AIS-SFDS Sublimation Fuel Delivery System Prototype 1 Components

Here is a look at the two major sub-assemblies that make up the SFDS. The actual sublimation tank, where Adamantane is loaded up and compressed against the heated bottom via spring/presser plate, and the lower heater assembly with ceramic heater and contact plates.

The assembly check of the first prototype AIS-SFDS Sublimation Fuel Delivery System is now complete, and everything fits perfectly! The final system assembly will have the piezo fuel valve and micro-Hall thruster/neutralizer stacked and bolted directly on top as one integrated unit.