A Look at the AIS-ADAMANT Series Sublimation Fuel Delivery System (SFDS)

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The Sublimation Fuel Delivery System (SFDS) is at the core of the AIS-ADAMANT Series design. Here are 4 different SFDS capacities – all the same hardware, mounting, and interface, but only changing the heater cartridge and upper housing. Parts for the smallest one are en route for first assembly and heater tests in the next couple of weeks!

AIS-ADAMANT Fuel Sublimation Tank - Capacity Comparison Render

The SFDS is specifically designed to deliver sublimated Adamantane fuel directly to the mounted plasma or ion thruster. The highly modular design allows for rapid customization of the tank capacity, with the ability to interface with various thrusters while remaining extremely compact, low-cost, and low-power. The basic tank design utilizes an outer diameter of 50mm, with the ability to be arbitrarily changed in height to accommodate additional fuel or meet specific space requirements for a given mission.