Presenting the First Fully Integrated Assembly of the EHT1 Micro End Hall Thruster!

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Right on the heels of the exciting news about my first thruster going orbital next week, I am pleased to reveal a first look at the next gen AIS thruster in development – the fully integrated assembly of the first prototype AIS-EHT1 Micro End-Hall Thruster for Cubesats!

The integrated EHT1 includes everything – fuel tank, fuel management, Hall thruster, hollow-cathode, valve housing, and power electronics. With the development of the EHT1 as the first full thruster system in the pioneering AIS ADAMANT Series, Hall thruster technology is now accessible at unprecedented cost and scaling at the small Cubesat level. The EHT1 is the smallest Hall thruster currently on the market, and the first and only Adamantane fueled thruster to be offered, with the benefits of solid Iodine unpressurized propellant storage without the corrosiveness or toxicity! With the EHT1, and new advances such as the upcoming AHT1, and some exciting new variations yet to be announced, Cubesats from 1U to 6U can now employ Hall thruster technology!

The system has passed bench checks and is ready to go for fueling and it’s first major full system test tomorrow morning live! Livestream details will be released shortly!