Old School Photo Shoot with AIS Thrusters!

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Results of the recent pop-up photo shoot with @NuclearEngideer at a good friend’s house! Huge thanks again for the chance to shoot these thrusters using some really old camera tech!

Additional Links:

A bit of a look behind the scenes for the setup of the photoshoot. Some pretty cool and quite old tech being used here!

Pop-Up AIS Thruster Photo Shoot

This is definitely my favorite shot – the current family of AIS thrusters!


Another thruster family shot, capturing both the logo and the recent test failure – if you are going to blow stuff up during testing, you might as well own it!


Solo shot of the AIS-uPPT1 Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster, my first ever thruster design and build two years ago. It never ended up working, but this is where the journey began!


Finally, a size comparison shot of several PPTs and an ILIS thruster in front of an original Gameboy. We considered the industry standard banana for scale, but the Gameboy gives a nice juxtaposition between retro and high tech.