First Look at the Fully Integrated AIS-EHT1 Micro End Hall Thruster

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I am pleased to reveal a look at the first fully integrated design for the EHT1 Micro End-Hall Thruster for 2U-3U Cubesats! The system includes thruster, hollow-cathode neutralizer, fuel tank, fuel management, and electronics.

AIS-EHT1 Micro End Hall Thruster Fully Integrated System - Render 1

The complete Hall thruster system measures 51x72x87mm with the SFDS-3 3g tank capacity, giving 0.32U total volume for the smallest size. The thruster is rated for up to 9W discharge power, 4.25W neutralizer power, operating at 3-6W for fuel heater power.

Here we can see an example of the fit for a 3U+ tuna can space (only the upper 1U shown for reference.) The thruster fits in the typical 80mm diameter, shown at 50mm tuna can depth for size reference, leaving tons of space for additional fuel/power capacity for further scaling.

Finally we see how the thruster fits fully enclosed within a 1U space. At an effective volume of 0.32U, this leaves a lot of options for future scaling for higher power systems with much more power and fuel, as well as makes it possible to fly Hall thrusters at the 2U size class.

With unpressurized Adamantane fuel storage, compact size, and low-cost, the EHT1 hopefully will open the doors for accessibility to Hall thruster technology for Cubesat sizes that were not prior possible!