Applied Ion Systems Open Source Propulsion Featured on Hackaday!

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With the recent advent of my sponsored trip to give several talks at this year’s Open Source Cubesat Workshop (OSCW) in Athens, Greece, another major public development has come up for the efforts here at Applied Ion Systems. Recently, my work on open source propulsion for PocketQubes has been recognized and featured on Hackaday! This is an extremely exciting opportunity to help reach the broader maker community and share my work on open source propulsion, not only raising awareness about the rapidly growing PocketQube community and capabilities of this incredible micro-satellite, but helping one of my major goals of lowering the barrier of entry to the field of advanced electric propulsion and providing resources for the maker and enthusiast community to make the technology more accessible. While the article can’t go into the massive technical details of this effort it is nevertheless great publicity for these efforts. As any maker knows, Hackaday is one of the major websites for sharing and promoting amazing projects and technologies others are working on. To be recognized by such a major online hub for makers is truly amazing for me personally, and starting my efforts over a year ago, I would have never imagined them evolving so rapidly and with such a large audience and so much support from the community! A link to the article can be found below. Many thanks to the writers of Hackaday for reaching out to me and providing the chance to expose this effort to the greater maker community!


AIS-gPPT2-1C Plasma Plume 4