AIS Presentation in This Year’s 4th Annual PocketQube Workshop 2020!

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Alba Orbital PocketQube Workshop 2020 Logo

Very excited to have had the opportunity to participate in this year’s PocketQube Workshop 2020 organized by Alba Orbital! It is the only PQ dedicated conference out there, and I highly recommend checking out the talks to see some of the amazing work being done in the rapidly growing PQ community!

Many thanks to the Alba Orbital team for all their hard work keeping the event alive and online this year despite the pandemic! This will be my first PQ workshop, and I am excited to connect more with the international PQ community and see what developments are happening! The event was fantastic, and I really look forward to next years’!

You can see my talk, which reviews my current work on ionic liquid ion source (ILIS) electrospray thruster technology for PocketQubes at 5:46:00 in the Youtube video below, as well as download the copy of the talk slides:

PocketQube Workshop 2020 – ILIS Thruster Development for PocketQubes – AIS