AIS-ADAMANT Series Sublimation Fuel Tank Design Is Complete

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The first prototype design of the AIS-ADAMANT Series sublimation tank is complete, prelim thermal simulations look good, and major custom parts are already submitted for manufacturing! I expect to have the tank assembled and ready for the first heater tests in vacuum in a few weeks.

The sublimation fuel tank is at the core of the AIS-ADAMANT Series, which is specifically designed to deliver direct sublimated Adamantane fuel to the thrusters mounted to the top of the tank. While there is very little data on the use of Adamantane for electric propulsion, there is enough exciting potential of this unusual fuel to move forward this fast on the design. More updates to come soon!

AIS-ADAMANT Fuel Sublimation Tank 0,5in Capacity V1 FINAL - Render