Video Demo of the AIS-gPPT3-1C DIY Open Source Pulsed Plasma Thruster Learning Kit

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Here is a video demo of the new open source DIY electric propulsion kit in the works for the AIS-GPPT3-1C pulsed plasma thruster! Actual thruster test code is running on this current V2 board, run from an Arduino to control a full enable, firing, and disable sequence.

The circuit controls checks out, thruster flash during firing looks good, so all that’s left to finalize the next V3 board iteration, replacing the through-hole indicator LEDs with smaller SMD ones, and it should be ready to go!

Beyond use as a demo for anyone to explore the basic operating principles of actual EP systems, these kits can serve a practical purpose for PocketQube and Cubesat teams looking to potentially integrate and control AIS thrusters with their own satellites. With each complete thruster system I design, I hope to develop similar educational kits so that anyone can get involved in electric propulsion!