V1 PCB Design for the AIS-ePPT1 Pulsed Plasma Thruster Are Complete

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Its taken some time to get around to it, but the new AIS-ePPT1 micro pulsed plasma thruster PCB design is complete and off for production! This new PPT will hopefully be a massive improvement from my original AIS-gPPT3-1C, while overall much lower in cost to make.

The new ePPT1 series thruster electronics features a higher power 1.6W Pico supply, dual parallel ignition transformers for increased igniter current, much larger and more robust trigger thyristor, and much larger and lower cost pulse film capacitors for the main bank.

The ePPT1 also comes in two flavors – the A and B version, both of which are directly compatible with the same PCB. The A version uses a smaller 0.1uF bank and shorter thruster at 25mm high with 15mm fuel, while the B version uses a 0.47uF bank with a 38mm high thruster and 25mm length of fuel.

AIS-ePPT1 Series Comparison

Control and readout is identical to the gPPT3. Overall footprint is slightly larger at 45x45mm, but with improved electronics and spring fed fuel, performance should hopefully be more reliable, leading to a longer life thruster, less misfires, and ultimately more thrust.

All the electronics components are already in, as well as most of the hardware. I still need the 3D printed body, laser cut electrodes, and Pico supply, but hopefully I should have both the A and B version thrusters built and ready for testing in the next month.