The Open Source Hardware Summit 2020 – An Incredible Virtual Conference Experience!

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This past Friday, March 13th I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of and contribute to the Open Source Hardware Summit 2020. Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, the OSHA put together an amazing virtual conference, allowing anyone from around the world to tune into the online talks and be a part of the conversation.

The summit included a wide range of talks, from the history and origins of the open source hardware movement, to open source hardware licencing, open hardware panel discussions, robotics, flood warning, and of course, propulsion! I personally learned a lot about the open source hardware movement, and particularly for my work moving forward, the talks on licensing was very helpful. It was also very cool to see the other open source hardware work done by gifted makers from around the world. This event really re-affirmed my commitment to the continued push and development of open source hardware, especially for space now more than ever.

You can view the entire summit on YouTube, which was livestreamed and recorded the day of the summit here. It is a long event that took place all day, but I would highly recommend it for anyone in the maker movement:

In addition, each of the individual presentations are broken up and uploaded as stand alone videos. If you have been following my work up until this point, there isn’t really anything new from what I have already posted extensively about here and on social media, however I still encourage you to check it out, where you can here some of my thoughts on the state of the electric propulsion field, and see some of the full summary of my thruster work, along with actual thrusters themselves and commentary!

Once again, many, many thanks to all of the organizers who helped but on this amazing virtual event, as well as to all of the presenters with their informative and inspiring talks, and to all the other makers and viewers out there who shared the experience! I am definitely looking forward to the next summit!