STAR Lab Surat Live Webinar Featuring Applied Ion Systems!

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Just a few hours ago I had the incredible opportunity to be a guest speaker with the amazing team at STAR Lab Surat for their live webinar! I had a fantastic time answering a lot of great questions from the host and aerospace students in the audience on all things electric propulsion, as well as my journey with AIS and experience openly developing low-cost and highly accessible micro plasma and ion thrusters for nanosatellites literally right at home! It is really awesome to see communities like this working to make space accessible for all, and glad I can help contribute to this new movement! You can see the full webinar here:

Again, many thanks to to STAR Lab Surat team for having me on their webinar! Also a big shout out to Tejas Shinoy, who originally reached out to me over the AIS Instagram to talk about electric propulsion, and offered to introduce me to the STAR Lab team!