Presenting the AIS-Io Series Solid Iodine Fueled Thrusters

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I am excited to reveal the initial designs for the newest series of low-cost advanced EP from AIS – the Io Series thrusters! The Io Series consists of two tech classes – RF gridded ion and RF plasma, sharing a modular and integrated valveless solid iodine feed and RF ionization modules.

AIS-Io Series Thrusters

The Io Series aims to offer unprecedented access to normally exorbitantly expensive gridded ion and RF plasma thruster technology for Cubesats by taking unconventional design approaches in order to significantly simplify and streamline manufacturing and assembly. The Io series offers Cubesat teams as well as research and educational labs a unique, entry-level, fully integrated, and easy-to-use advanced ion and plasma thruster option at several orders of magnitude cost reduction to explore the possibilities of this awesome tech. Due to the highly modular and simplified design, the thrusters can be easily modified, as well as run on conventional fuel gases. The thrusters will also share the same electronics package, which will integrate and mount directly to the thruster assemblies.

No longer does advanced EP like gridded ion and RF plasma need to reside purely to the realm of multi-million dollar academic/research company efforts. Busek, ThrustMe, Phase Four, T4i, NASA, and ESA – AIS is no entering your territory of advanced iodine fueled gridded ion and RF plasma thrusters in full force!