New Tools and Hardware Upgrades!

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Decided to use some of my recent thruster sales proceeds for some desperately needed tools and upgrades. Since having started my very first vacuum endeavors about 3 years ago, I finally own my own full tool set, a nice Hakko soldering iron, and a Fluke multimeter! I also decided to upgrade to a better webcam for the upcoming Hall thruster testing, as there will be a lot of livestreams to come now!

In addition to some better tools I also upgraded to dedicated plugs for my 9-pin high vacuum feedthrough I use for thruster power/control (before/after). First time in two years of thruster R&D that I’m not ramming wire into BNC pins and taping wires to the flange to secure them!

Finally, for this upcoming ignition test I added three more 0-32V, 1-10A adjustable benchtop supplies so I can have full manual control of the discharge, neutralizer, and heater to run and characterize the Hall thruster. Wires with the new plugs for the feedthrough ready to go!

Adjustable Benchtop Power Supplies