Hackaday.io Hack Chat with Applied Ion Systems!

Hackaday IO Hack Chat Poster

Yesterday, on December 11th, I had the awesome opportunity to host a Hackaday.io Hack Chat! This was a fantastic hour long online chat session with enthusiasts from around the world, sharing my work and experience with open source thruster development. I had a lot of fun speaking with other makers and enthusiasts, and hope that these efforts help to continue to inspire others in the maker community to keep pushing the boundaries of DIY science and engineering. I am very grateful to the Hackaday.io staff for their awesome support and encouragement, and giving me the opportunity to host this event and share my experience on their platform. Kudos to the really cool poster design, as well as great intro article as well! For more details on the Hack Chat, click on the links below:

Open Source Satellite Propulsion Hack Chat

Hack Chat Transcript Part 1

Hack Chat Transcript Part 2