GoFundMe Campaign for New Roughing Pump is a Success!

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I am absolutely blown away and truly moved by the unbelievable support of the community, who stepped up to provide funding for me to continue open source electric propulsion development at Applied Ion Systems even without me asking for help through the biggest setback to these efforts yet. In just a couple of days since the campaign was launched, the community raised over $5k for this effort, to purchase a new scientific grade roughing pump, with plenty of extra funds to jump-start several new thruster system developments. Thank you just isn’t enough to express how grateful I am for everyone’s amazing contributions and encouragement, and keeping alive the most unconventional EP effort out there.

I want to personally thank Bruce Perens for organizing such a successful crowdfunding campaign. It smashed the goal in only a few days, and not only do I have enough for a new pump, but extra to kickstart new developments. Bruce, thank you for your incredible help and support!

To everyone who helped share and spread the word, thank you immensely for your continued enthusiasm of my work. I am only here because of the community, and your continued support of this effort, cheering me on and encouraging me in both success and failure.

And to everyone who generously donated to this effort – I just can’t thank you enough. Thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude for what you have done for this effort. You have made this vision a reality, and have allowed open source EP to continue despite the challenges.

Without the incredible support of the community, AIS would not be where it is today. AIS is like no other electric propulsion effort out there – not only fully open source EP development at the maker level on a shoestring budget, but completely funded through bootstrapping and community donations alone. Thank you, to everyone who has contributed, donated, spread the word, and supported AIS – you are making this effort possible!

AIS propulsion is truly propulsion of the community, and making EP accessible in ways not possible through any other conventional means. We are truly breaking boundaries in the field of propulsion in a new way that has never been seen before for EP!