First Complete Assembly of the AIS-EHT1 Micro End-Hall Thruster System for Cubesats

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I am excited to share a first glimpse of the completed preliminary assembly for the first full ADAMANT Series AIS-EHT1 Micro End-Hall Thruster system! This is literally everything (minus electronics) – fuel storage, fuel management, Hall thruster, and hollow cathode neutralizer.

More pictures actually holding the complete EHT1 Hall thruster assembly with the AIS-SFDS Sublimation Fuel Deliver System and the GDN1 Glow Discharge Hollow-Cathode Neutralizer to give the scale. Right now without electronics and at 3g fuel capacity, the entire system is a bit larger than 1/8U. The goal is for the entire system to draw only 10W of nominal power.

Everything is rapidly coming together as I gear up for the first ignition test with this system. With the development of the EHT1 and use of Adamantane fuel, AIS is pioneering a new front in ultra-low-cost, compact, low-power micro-Hall thruster technology for the smallest class of Cubesats, allowing any team to access Hall thruster technology, as well as developing the first ever Adamantane fueled thrusters on the market.