Deep-Dive Interview with BlackShip.One Part 3 – Nanosat Propulsion in LEO

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Sovereign Moon Studios Interview Part 3 - Nanosat Propulsion in LEO

Nanosat Propulsion in LEO

I am very excited to have participated in this newly released deep-dive 5-part interview with JS Sweeney and the amazing BlackShip.One team! I had a fantastic time answering some incredibly multi-faceted questions on EP and my work through AIS developing open-source low-cost systems.

The extensive interview dives into many technical aspects of electric propulsion systems and their applications to nanosats and picosats, as well as my own work through Applied Ion Systems, leading a radically new development of open-source, low cost plasma and ion thrusters for Cubesats and PocketQubes, including my approach and challenges in developing such traditionally expensive and capital intensive technologies on an almost non-existent budget at home.

In this segment, I go into types of power requirements for various nanosat EP technologies, as well as an overview of fuels used in EP, lifetime, and auxiliary system considerations for practical use of EP at the nanosat scale!