Countdown to the First Applied Ion Systems Crowdfunding Platform Launch!

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I’ve come a long way since I started this effort two years ago. Back then, I decided to just release this website to share and post about high vacuum projects I was working on. I never imagined I would present at conferences, gain such a large following of awesome enthusiasts and supporters, pioneer a new effort in open source electric propulsion, or even start my own company then. The Applied Ion Systems effort has rapidly evolved, and continues to evolve even now.

With the amazing support, recommendations, and encouragement of the community, I have decided to finally launch crowdfunding platforms for Applied Ion Systems! While I do everything as low cost as possible, the efforts to develop advanced micro-propulsion still adds up, and has gotten to a point where I can no longer justify the full expenses completely out of pocket. I have been delaying launching crowdfunding for months now, but I feel that it is finally the right time to move to this next stage.

The main platform will be launched through Patreon. To build up to the launch date, starting Sunday I will release one tier/sticker artwork each day until Friday across all my major social media platforms. I will also be opening up other funding platforms for those who still would like to contribute but are more comfortable with other options.

There will be many challenges and failures. But the successes of each thruster will be shared by all and be a victory for the whole community, and hopefully inspire and pave new ways in the field. Let’s see how far we can take propulsion as an open source crowdfunded effort!