Applied Ion Systems Patreon is Now Live!

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Patreon Logo
Click on the Patreon logo link above to check out the Applied Ion Systems Patreon page!

After a week of counting down to the launch, revealing each tier sticker along the way, the Applied Ion Systems Patreon is now officially LIVE! Are you a space enthusiast, hobbyist, maker, student, or professional who would like to contribute directly to development of advanced EP from the only official open source electric propulsion company out there? Consider supporting this uniquely underdog and radical effort to pioneer the field, provide resources and material for the community, and pave the way for truly low-cost, accessible propulsion systems! By engaging the hobbyist, educational, and enthusiast communities, Applied Ion Systems offers others passionate about space technologies a way to directly advance systems that will eventually be tested in space!

Besides helping directly support these efforts, Patrons get exclusive pre-release access to build updates and designs, as well as access to the official Applied Ion Systems Discord server! Plus cool stickers and other perks! Let’s pioneer the field and begin breaking boundaries in the space industry in unconventional ways together!