Applied Ion Systems is Now on YouTube!

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Very quick social media announcement – Applied Ion Systems is now officially on YouTube! It has taken longer than it should have, but I finally have a channel up where I will be officially releasing test video of the various systems I have worked on prior, as well as working up towards livestreaming of actual, full propulsion tests! A link for the channel can be found below:

Applied Ion Systems YouTube

I won’t say that the videos will be super high def, high quality, polished content like many other amazing science and engineering channels out there. In all honesty, I don’t have time to edit and narrate such videos, and it is not my objective to make a living off of video content. However, I can say that the enthusiast community, and really anyone out there, will have unprecedented access to raw testing footage of electric propulsion systems, and have the opportunity to witness first hand in real-time all of the successes, failures, and breakthroughs with these efforts! Slowly breaking the barriers of electric propulsion one pulse at a time!