AIS-VAT Series Vacuum Arc Thrusters FINAL

An Option to Test Drive Electric Propulsion Systems!

Propulsion systems are costly, and hardware in the aerospace field in general is often exorbitantly expensive, making accessibility a challenge, especially for many developers and researchers who want more affordable options, or to even try systems out before committing. In addition to the development of ultra-low cost propulsion systems and new educational DIY EP kits, in order to further increase accessibility for electric propulsion systems and lower the barrier of entry, AIS is pleased to launch a new, first of its kind thruster rental pilot program! This program will allow for anyone to “test drive” any of the thruster systems currently being offered at AIS, for a fraction of the cost to purchase the full system. Whether you are a Cubesat developer looking to integrate EP into your satellite and want to run integration checks and vacuum firing compatibility tests ahead of time, a student or researcher studying EP and want to get hands on experience firing a full orbital-class thruster off-the-shelf for a low-cost, or an educator wanting to demonstrate propulsion in the lab for students, the thruster rental program can help get your hands on a thruster for an even lower price!

How does it work? Simply choose a model you would like to rent, reach out and coordinate with AIS for logistics and shipping, and play around with your rental thruster! After the rental period has ended, simply return the thruster back to AIS! Whether it is a tiny low-power AIS-VAT1-PQ or a large high-power VAT3, having access to full orbital-class plasma and ion thrusters has never been easier! Rental pricing starts at 10% of the full system sale price (with additional for shipping.) Reach out to AIS today to discuss thruster rental opportunities! (Due to the newness of the program and for shipping logistics, propulsion system rentals are currently limited to US customers only.)