Throughout my endeavors in building high vacuum research systems, I have inevitably acquired free components, or purchased parts that do not make it into final designs, that end up as excess parts that I cannot use. This page lists currently available equipment that I am putting up for sale. All sales will go directly towards funding and furthering my research efforts, and continuing to expand the systems I build, as well as helping provide open source information and designs for these complex technologies.

For shipping, in my experience, I have found that USPS is generally cheaper for smaller items, while UPS is cheaper for larger items. I will try my best to ship with the cheapest option available, however note that larger and heavier objects will generally start around $30.00 for shipping.

Prices are negotiable, and reasonable offers are welcome. I am also willing to undercut equivalent part listings found on eBay (must be pre-sale, and you must supply the eBay link for reference before the sale is completed.) I can accept either check or Paypal, however other methods of payment, or even local pickup are perfectly fine, and we can work out the details as needed. Email me at to inquire about purchasing the listed parts below!

Large High Vacuum Pneumatic ASA 11″ Gate Valve and Attached 9″ Butterfly Valve Combo

Description: Massive pneumatic actuated 11″ ASA flange gate valve with attached manually-actuated 9″ flange butterfly adapter. The gate valve ID is 6″, and the butterfly valve ID is 6.25″. The butterfly valve also has a side port for vacuum gauge connection as well. Excellent condition, and pneumatic actuator has been tested as working. Very heavy, probably around 70lbs. I will ship this as needed, however it is quite large and heavy, and shipping will probably be in excess of $50.00. Local pickup for this item is certainly welcome. If needed, I also have a CAD model available for the valve combo if you would like to inspect the dimensions yourself and see if it can be used for your system. A valve combination like this would probably go for $3-$5k new on the market.

Price: $200.00

2.75″ Conflat Pneumatic Inline Valve

Description: I purchased this part a while ago for the Small Scale Multipurpose High Vacuum Chamber V3 design. However, with my V5 update, it is no longer needed. The valve is almost new and in great condition. Perfect knife edges. These valves are for isolation, either fully open or fully closed, and are pneumatically actuated. I also have conductance calculations freely available for this part for air, water vapor, argon, and deuterium for those who are looking to get more involved in their system design.

Price: $80.00